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Dragon Wings: The CNAC Documentary Film

Dear CNAC Member:

The CNAC reunion in September in San Francisco was a huge success, thanks to Moon Chen's advance planning and generosity. One of the elements of the success was the appearance of so many second-generation members, sons, daughters, nephews, and nieces of the original CNAC members. Many have volunteered to take over the workload of keeping the organization going.

The pride that we have all felt in our accomplishments during the war, and our willingness to share and communicate it to our families, now bears fruit as shown by the interest, concern, and participation by so many of the younger people. The respect that they show for those of us who are getting on, and the shared bond they have with each other at the convention was truly impressive.

At the reunion, Art Lindgren of Monumental Productions, presented us with a revised documentary, Dragon Wings Episode II 1939-1945. The documentary has evolved into three episdoes, Early Years, War Years, and After the War.

Monumental is finishing Episode II and preparing a video cover. So much material has been gathered by them from interviews and photographs, that Monumental will make available a larger volume of historical material to each one of you that take advantage of the enclosed offer. It will consist of:

1. Dragon Wings, VHS documentary (3 episodes).
2. CNAC Photo Library on CD (photos contributed by CNAC members).
3. CNAC Interviews on VHS format.
4. China Burma India Theater of World War II, complete history of the CBI on six video tapes. This is Monumental's original documentary.

This information can be made available to schools, colleges, museums, libraries, aviation historians, and many others through marketing the documentary and related materials throughout the world.

You can get your personalized set of this material for your family, or for your local library or museum, by pleding a contribution to the CNAC Foundation. Below is a form outlining the material available at various levels of contributions. Remember, your contributions to CNAC are tax deductible. There are not many organizations that can leave such a legacy.

P.S. The 2003 reunion will be in Albuquerque late September or October.

China National Aviation Corporation
Documentary Donation Form

A) Dragon Wings: The Story of the China National Aviation Corporation
    Three Part Film Documentary Library - approximately 180 minutes
         Episode One: Pioneers of the Sky
         Episode Two: The War Years
         Episode Three: The Final Mission

B) The China National Aviation Corporation
     Photographic Archive (over 2,700 photographs)
          Three Park CD Photo Library

C) WWII Video Library of the China-Burma-India Theater
     6 volumes - approximately 9 1/2 hours


Donor Level Premium Gifts

Gold Level ($1000) You will receive items A, B & C
Silver Level ($500) You will receive items A & B
Bronze Level ($250) You will receive item A

Make Check Payable to:

CNAC Documentary Fund c/o Gifford Bull
1132 Cardinal Lane
Starkville, MS 39759

Tel: 662-323-2315

Be sure to include a check, and the name & address for shipping.

Your donations are tax deductible.
Remember, the more you give the sooner we'll reach our goal.

2004 CNAC Reunion and the CNAC Documentary Film

For More Information Contact
Bill Maher
517 529-9686
After 10 A.M. Eastern Time

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