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Over the Top of the World
by artist Roy Grinnell

A special offer for members of CNAC only!

Regular Price $200. While supplies last, only $100.00! Numbered and signed by Jim Dalby, Dick Rossi, Erik Shilling and "Catfish" Raines. Add $10.00 for shipping.

Roy & Irene Grinnel
PO Box 668, Lone Oak, TX 75453
Phone/Fax: (903) 447-4219 
Email: BuyWrBonds@aol.com 


CNAC Shoulder Patch
CNAC patch

Historical Patches Header

During World War II, pilots and air crews had lots of time on their hands, and they used some of that time to personalize their aircraft and jackets. Where ever American flyers were stationed, they made copies of their insignia using local sources of embroidered, painted, and hand cut and sewn leather.

Flight Suits has duplicated some of the most famous leather and embroidered patches, including CNAC. These patches have been carefully reproduced from original patches using materials and techniques like those used during W.W.II. 


2004 CNAC Reunion and the CNAC Documentary Film

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Bill Maher
517 529-9686
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